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The Executive Committee’s charge includes:

  • acting on behalf of the Board, pursuant to the policies and procedures established, on an ongoing basis during the year;
  • exercising general managerial responsibilities over the work of the NDLTD;
  • establishing policies of the NDLTD, consistent with bylaws and Board decisions;
  • coordinating the work of the various committees and officers of the NDLTD;
  • guiding the Executive Director with regard to important issues; and
  • performing all other duties and assuming all other responsibilities as may be required by law or directed by the Board.
Finance Austin McLean 
Chairman of the BoardEdward A. Fox 
Nominating Committee, Chair Janette Wright 
Chair Membership CommitteeJoachim Schöpfel 
Conference Committee, Chair Ramesh C. Gaur 
Executive Director Edward A. Fox

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