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2019 Hussein Suleman University of Cape Town, South Africa 
2018Tony Cargnelutti UNILINC, Australia 
2017 Jagdish Arora Information and Library Network 
2017 Manoj Kumar Information and Library Network 
2016 Monique Joly INSA Lyon
2016 Peter Murray-Rust The ContentMine Project 
2016 Shu-Hsien Tseng National Central Library (NCL), Taiwan 
2013 Linda Goodfellow Duquesne University 
2012David T. PalmerUniversity of Hong Kong Libraries 
2011 Felix N. Ubogu University of Witwatersrand 
2011 Laura Hammons Texas A&M University 
2010 Monica Hammes  University of Pretoria 
2010 Nancy Stuart University of Victoria 
2010 Tim Brace University of Texas, Austin 
2009 John H. Hagen West Virginia University 
2009 Thomas Dowling  Ohiolink 
2008 Susan Copeland Robert Gordon University 
2007 Gail McMillan Virginia Tech 
2007 Peter Schirmbacher  Humboldt University 
2006 Angela McCutcheon  Ohio University 
2006 Sharon Reeves  National Library and Archives of Canada 
2005 Jose Mutt University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez 
2005 Maggie Dougherty  Montana State University 
2005 Marian E. Bate The University of New South Wales 
2004 Ana Pavani Catholic Pontificate University, Rio de Janeiro 
2004 Edward A. Fox Virginia Tech 
2004 Shalini Urs University of Mysore

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