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Sharon Reeves

With great sadness, we report that Sharon Reeves, former NDLTD Board Member and Secretary of the Board, passed away on Dec. 21st, 2021, at her home in Vancouver Island.

Sharon was many things to many people. At NDLTD, we knew her as an active board member, who also served several years as secretary of the board. We knew her as an Open Access activist and advocate for the digitization of theses through the Theses Canada program. 

Sharon was also a committed activist for many environmental and social justice causes and devoted much time and energy advocating for a fairer voting system. Here, you can see how she promoted one fair voting initiative.

She was a volunteer, a campaigner, a sign waver, a marcher, a dog lover, a gardener, a nature lover, a feminist, a Plan International foster parent, and a generous giver to charities. She was a dancer, a music and movie fan, an empathetic ear to a friend or colleague looking for counsel, the tidiest of organizers of all manner of “stuff”, an independent thinker, a “Unitarian with Buddhist tendencies” and a seeker of inner peace and grounding through daily meditation. An avid reader and lover of books, Sharon became a successful career librarian with Library and Archives Canada. 

Sharon is survived by her daughter Andrea and her husband Tony Turner. 

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